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BizCloud® Network | November 28, 2015

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3Crowd Changes Name to XDN and Launches Content Delivery Federation

3Crowd Changes Name to XDN and Launches Content Delivery Federation

3Crowd Technologies, Inc., the technology company re-defining the future of content delivery, today announced that it has changed its name to XDN, Inc. The strategic name-change builds on the company’s launch of its Federated CDN.

“This new model drastically improved our scale, pricing, and reliability.”

Barrett Lyon, CEO and Co-Founder, explains “changing our name to XDN reflects the simplicity and elegance of our new federated delivery network. It defines our charter for years to come.”

After years of development, the XDN Federated CDN aggregates worldwide infrastructure through one scalable, consistent and feature-rich service. “Our Federated CDN is a game-changing technology that is defining a new level of economics and scale in terms of video delivery on the Internet,” says Lyon.

With the successful beta phase of the XDN Federated CDN completed and over 30 customers, delivery partners and nodes across the planet, the XDN Federated CDN is now rapidly ramping up traffic.’s VP of Operations, Jason Martorana, stated, “This new model drastically improved our scale, pricing, and reliability.” The XDN Federated CDN supports feature compatibility with most of the major CDNs and in most cases can work in tandem with a customer’s current CDN and is fully integrated with our existing services.

Sagi Brody, CTO of Webair, a global hosting company remarks, “XDN’s Federated CDN provides us the ability to create new revenue streams using the extra hardware and bandwidth capacities at our multiple data center locations.” Zak Thompson, CEO Yellow Fiber Networks added, “Yellow Fiber is thrilled being an XDN infrastructure partner. It allows us to generate additional revenue from our existing infrastructure and reach higher usage levels for it.” This illustrates how XDN gives infrastructure providers the ability to sell their raw computing and bandwidth resources while also offering their existing customer base a next-generation CDN service of their own.

The XDN Federated CDN aligns the companies delivering content with the companies that do the actual networking and physical moving of the bits. Previous CDN models required a CDN to build its own infrastructure, global servers, operations, dashboard, stats, monitoring, networks, etc. XDN utilizes pre-existing networks, and in some cases servers, as partners in the delivery of XDN’s customer data.

“Combining the network, hosting and ISP companies of the world allows XDN to create a distribution network that puts the folks delivering content into the revenue stream of the people who need their content delivered. It’s a win-win situation,” stated Jay Adelson, XDN investor and board member.

The XDN Federated CDN is available today. Visit for more details.

About XDN, Inc.

XDN Inc. is a San Mateo, California based company that provides next-generation content delivery solutions by disrupting the existing legacy CDN models. XDN puts content providers and infrastructure providers back at the core of the content delivery equation, with the overall goal of empowering better user experiences while making the Content vs. Infrastructure business dynamics more sustainable. XDN is the maker of the CrowdDirector™ content load-balancer cloud platform, CrowdCache™ cache engine server, and the XDN Federated CDN.

XDN was founded in 2010 by Internet veterans Barrett Lyon and Chris Wallace, and is currently backed by Canaan Partners and Storm Ventures. XDN employs mostly Software Engineers and Operations Experts and is currently recruiting more. Board Directors include Jay Adelson (Equinix, Digg, SimpleGEO), Maha Ibrahim (Canaan Partners) and Ryan Floyd (Storm Ventures).

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