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BizCloud® Network | November 25, 2015

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4 Basic Green Business Opportunities

4  Basic Green Business Opportunities

Every industry, every hobby, every action can have a green shade.  Going green means either improving the planet or improving its people or both. Any product, process or service that saves natural resources or re-uses these resources is considered green. Any effort to help people live healthier lives is green. And any business based on these ideas is green.

Considering the green business as a relatively new concept in business world, people are sometimes suspicious about green business opportunities. Are people really buying green? Do they really appreciate the efforts of ecologically conscious small companies? With the fact that some 50 million American consumers are classified as LOHAS (with lifestyles of health and sustainability), the answer is positive. The Natural Marketing Institute is very satisfied with this statistics which shows «customer’s profound sense of environmental and social responsibility».

Many businesses choose to sell quality and price first and green second. That is also one step forward and closer to the green economy.

Here are some of the best opportunities for entrepreneurs who tend to become green:

1.) Organic products: There are organic cosmetics, toiletries, vodka, wine, pasta, tea, waffles, peanut butter…but there many other possibilities you can discover and transform into successful business. One very original example of green business is the company Eco Lips, which created organic lip balm. The good thing about green businesses is that competition is positive and healthy-we help each other-people who like using organic lip balm (for example) will probably be interested in using organic cotton cloths or eating organic food.

2.) Trash: According to EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), Americans generate hundreds of millions of tons of garbage per year, which is several pounds of trash per person per day. The leading throwing objects are plastic bottles-millions of plastic bottles per hour in the U.S.A. If you can figure out new uses for a specific garbage item, you’ve got yourself a recycle business.

3.) Government includes Federal, State, County and City levels and these are opportunities that they provide for green businesses. If you find out what your local government is doing green, you might be able to create and run craft and service which meet their needs. More about this you can read on . On this official website you can learn about projects that cities, counties and states run to improve their carbon footprints, quality of life and resource efficiency. The knowledge of local urban ecology helps to define your goals and fields of interest when creating your green business strategy. The Environmental Protection Agency gives grants to small businesses involved in environmental industries and initiatives.

4.) We have already mentioned the green lifestyle and how positive it can be for business. Now you might want to consider the fact that if we focus on everyday «green way of living» than we can get an inspiration from any aspect of our lives. It is very interesting (and could be inspiring) to hear than nowadays exist  «Green Single»-green organization for finding «perfect match who shares your way of thinking and living» related to eco-friendly conscience. On the other hand «Shore Bank Pacific» is the first commercial bank in the Unites States with a commitment to environmentally community development. And after you have heard about green cemeteries, surely coming up with your own idea for green business shouldn’t be a problem.


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