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BizCloud® Network | November 30, 2015

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Amazon Free = Oxymoron

Yesterday Amazon announced their “free” AWS service. Welcome to free-land, even if you’re 4 years late to the game. But that is okay, because I am really excited to run something on AWS, just as soon as I can figure out the confusing terms and conditions. Oh, and find a credit card to put it on… wait, what?! Yes, Amazon free still requires you to GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER! How is that FREE?

You want a better “free” that is actually “free” and designed specifically for developers building today’s mobile and web-apps? Try Joyent’s Facebook, Yahoo or MySpace Free Developer Programs. No credit card required.

And if that doesn’t work for you, just drop me a line at Yes shocking, we will actually respond to your emails and phone calls. Because we want you to be successful.

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