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BizCloud® Network | November 25, 2015

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BizCloud Expands its Video Related Services

BizCloud videos have introduced a whole new level of quality to the world of web video by setting the standards for excellence in production and delivering results matched only by high powered and outrageously expensive production houses. Producing web videos for companies of all size and across number of industries, BizCloud stands apart as a leading producer of high quality business promotion videos that are priced to fit the budget of startups and established businesses alike.

BizCloud Video Production team is specialized in creating engaging videos that grab the attention of our customers’ audience by leveraging customized million dollar sets, amazing graphics, ultra-high quality HD cameras, and professional spokespersons. Our video production team works around the clock to produce and deliver these business enhancing videos in less than a week knowing that time-efficiency is of great importance to our customers.

Upon the finalization of video production process, BizCloud staff uploads the video to YouTube at HD quality and sends the link to a customer who can then embed it into their website and share it with their customer base. BizCloud videos are one of the best tools available for helping companies effectively communicate their business message to their online audience.

BizCloud also specializes in creating flash product and software demos with professional voiceovers and stunning animations that can communicate the message and the key benefits of a customer’s product more clearly than any other product demonstration tool. Our creative team of writers and marketing experts work in tandem with the customer to create a compelling storyline that will highlight product’s advantages and key features.

BizCloud professional design team delivers graphic design solutions of highest quality that can satisfy the needs of the most demanding customer. We produce custom designed demos choosing the design and color schemes so that it fits perfectly to the customer’s website without disrupting the consistency of the look and feel of customer’s visual identity. All the demos that we produce are compatible with multiple platforms and browsers.

Screencasts are a widely popular way for software companies to show their applications in action, educate their customers about new features, and build trust in their product. They also make a great sales tool as well-produced screencast has the power to turn viewers into customers. BizCloud’s experienced team of script writers, voice-over artists, graphic designers, and animators creates custom screencasts for our clients that can best illustrate their product to their site visitors.

Committed to making BizCloud-produced videos a long term success and a marketing investment that delivers high ROI, BizCloud is now offering comprehensive, easy to use web video analytics enabling customers to evaluate performance of their online videos. We provide graphical data that encompasses all the key metrics for tracking factors such as number of views, demographics, traffic patterns, video popularity, and viewing time.

By giving our customers the in-depth knowledge of viewer engagement and the reach of their web videos, we enable them to quickly determine which video content brings results and which is falling behind in terms of effective internet marketing. Marketers benefit from this information as they are able discover who is watching their video content and use this knowledge as a basis for crafting their future web video strategies. It is only by combining web video with detailed analysis that companies can create marketing messages that appeal to their online customers.

BizCloud has introduced another novelty that will make our video-related service offering complete, and that is BizCloud Video Hosting service. A video produced by BizCloud can be hosted on our Cloud infrastructure for a nominal fee. When hosting a video on BizCloud servers, customers can rely on us for all the updates or changes they decide to make to their video. Changes made to a customer’s video are instantly transmitted to their website.


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