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BizCloud® Network | September 2, 2014

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Small Biz Talk

Benefits of Adding a Video to Your Website

April 29, 2010 |

Success of your online venture largely depends on the way you present your brand, your products and your services to your site visitors. Having a website rich with quality content is a proven key for getting more visitors and generating leads. Adding a video to your website pages comes with numerous benefits. Besides improving your ranking on the major Internet search engines, video has the power to capture the attention of your potential customers and interest them in further exploring the content on your site. This makes online video one of the most effective tools to market your business online as there is no better way to engage viewers and create more page views. If your competition still did not discover the business building power of web video, this can be your chance to gain a competitive edge.
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BizCloud Introduces BizCloud Video Production Services—A Powerful Solution for Online Business Promotion

April 28, 2010 | 12

San Francisco, CA, April 28, 2010— BizCloud, a leading provider of cloud technology and marketing solutions for small businesses, today announced their latest service aimed at building a highly professional image for businesses through BizCloud Video Production Services.

Videos are one of the most powerful tools to market online, and are proven to be the best way to introduce a business to web audience BizCloud Video Production Services . Bizcloud Video Production Services are designed to help businesses climb to the highest level, stay ahead with the latest marketing trends, and at the same time save thousands of dollars. Read More

Small Biz Talk: Fuse Architects

March 18, 2010 | 1

Small business interviews with a great architect firm in Capitola California. Helping promote small business and local communities on Small business listings and free resource guide, including training, small business advice, tips, connecting with local experts, business videos, images, … Read More

5 Steps to Protect Your Intellectual Property

March 9, 2010 | 3

The term Intellectual Property or the acronym IP means (and provides) protection for creations of the mind. More specifically, they grant the creators/owners exclusive rights to these creations.

IP is divided into two categories: artistic and industrial.
• Artistic Intellectual Property rights are protected by Copyrights.

• Industrial Intellectual Property rights are protected by Patents and Trademarks.

General opinion and first thought that comes to a mind when it’s about IP are artistic works, scientific patents and similar. That’s a big mistake. Your Intellectual Property are all information, resorts you have used and productsof your work.  We are talking about customer lists, business processes, publications, trademarks, etc during and after your employment with the company. These items are considered Intellectual Property and proprietary information. Read More

Small Biz Talk: J&S Surplus

February 22, 2010 |

Army Surplus store in Moss Landing California, interview with Vahid Razavi Bizcloud on current biz and what they have for sale. Small business stories and reviews, promotions, tips, advice and news. Helping promote local business and communities. Including videos, reviews, … Read More

Small Biz Talk: Starving Musician

February 22, 2010 |

This is an interview with Vahid Razavi and Bizcloud with a great music store in Santa Cruz California called starving musicians. Promoting local music is part of the community and the goal of bizcloud. Check out for promotional videos, … Read More

Free Stimulus Money Isnt "Free"

February 5, 2010 | 3

It’s out there. And, to get your piece of it you will have to jump through some hoops. Only a fraction of the latest Stimulus Package of 2009 has been doled out! Use caution in your research as there are … Read More

State of Business in America – Analysis

January 30, 2010 | 1

It is 2010 and after listening to this Youtube Online Video painful analysis of what is wrong with the State of the Union, yes our Union here in the USA Peter Schiff hits the nails all on the heads.  I … Read More

The President Holds an Open Discussion Across the Aisle

January 29, 2010 | 3

Today the President did something unusual in American politics – initiated an open dialogue with members of the opposite party.  Visiting the House Republican retreat, he took questions on anything they wanted to talk about.  He heard them out, acknowledged where they … Read More

Formal invitation from Bizcloud to share in our success

January 26, 2010 | 1

The signs of an economic recovery may be in a far distant future, but you could never tell that if you looked at Bizcloud traffic patterns. Recently I was asked by the investor community about Bizcloud traffic growth. To be honest, I was not on top of it as I should have been. We have been concentrated on providing for the needs of small and medium business owners, and looking at statistics and numbers was not our focus. After seeing our traffic analytics, I wanted to inform everyone about it. I wanted to share our success with you and thank our readers and ever growing user community for continuing to return back to
As a private company we do not share the exact number of visitors or our statistics. The following is simply a chart of our traffic growth over time. This reflects a total number of users, not any specific cherry picked section of users
Bizcloud traffic growth

Bizcloud traffic growth

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Small Biz Talk: Ocean Blue

January 17, 2010 |

Video interviews with local business owners, on site. Marijana meeting the friendly shop owners by the beach in southern california and asking them about biz and what they sell. This is small business community focused content. The goal is … Read More

Small Biz Talk: Spiedo Restaurant

January 12, 2010 |

Promoting small business ownership, Spiedo Restaurant in San Mateo CA, Promote your business for free on bizcloud. Learn about local businesses and invest in your community. Helping promote small business ownership, biz buy sell, small business promotional videos, demographics, coupons, … Read More

Treasury Awarded $1.5 Billion through Recovery Act to 32 Organizations Investing in Low-Income Communities

December 17, 2009 |

photo by Ryan McFarlandphoto by Ryan McFarland<!–

Since month of February when President Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the U.S. Treasury awarded $1.5 billion in New Markets Tax Credit to 32 organizations throughout the country. These organizations plan to invest in projects like renewable energy facilities, health care facilities, manufacturing firms and retail centers. Read More

Small Biz Talk: Dominic’s Farm Fresh Produce

December 9, 2009 |

Share you story small business story on Helping promote small business ownership and communities. Small business owner Dominic’s Produce in Moss Landing interview on Promote your business for free on Business listings for sale, Buy sell biz, … Read More

Viral Videos "Bizcloud Video Services"

November 29, 2009 |

Bizcloud videos are typically 4 to 10 min in length and include three important elements:


Unlike scripted commercials, the purpose of the video is to entertain the audience by having informal interviews with owners, employees, and customers of local … Read More

SBA Changing its 504 Loan Program to Help Businesses in Expansion

November 25, 2009 |

The U.S. Small Business Administration is changing current rules to its 504 loan program in order to help small businesses refinance their existing small business loans used to purchase real estate and equipment. Read More

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