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BizCloud® Network | November 28, 2015

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Cloud Among the Top 4 Tech Trends for 2012: IBM

Cloud Among the Top 4 Tech Trends for 2012: IBM
  • On November 23, 2011

IBM recently released its Tech Trends report 2011 positioning cloud computing among top 4 trends in the IT. The report shows that cloud adoption is gaining significant momentum, with 75% of survey respondents saying that they plan on building cloud infrastructure in the next two years. The study examined how organizations are using four critical technologies: cloud computing, business analytics, mobile computing, and social business.

4,000 IT professionals and developers from 93 countries and across 25 different industries participated in the IBM’s survey which aims to determine the top technology trends for the next two years.  The findings of the study can serve as a guide for IT professionals as to what technical skills they’ll need in the future.

Cloud Computing

According to the report, organizations will not only leverage the cloud to build infrastructure, but also to develop new applications and services. In the next 24 months developing cloud applications will be the top cloud activity, outpacing virtualization and storage.

The survey also revealed a strong connection between the adoption of mobile and cloud. 51% of respondents cited the adoption of cloud technologies as part of their mobile strategy.  Flexibility and scalability were said to be the main drivers for cloud adoption, followed by reduced operating expenses and capital.

Business Analytics

The research found that business analytics is on the rise as enterprises are trying to automate processes and make sense of the huge amounts of data. 42% of respondents claimed business analytics is “in demand” area for software development showing the highest adoption rates (90%) compared to other technologies.

The highest level of adoption is expected to be in the education, healthcare, life sciences, aerospace and software development. 87% of respondents said Apache, Hadoop and Linux will have a key role in this app development in the next 24 months.

Mobile Computing

Mobile was the second most “in demand” area for software development with three in four survey respondents currently working in mobile computing, growing to 85% within the next two years. Android was positioned as the top platform for mobile application development in the next 24 months. 70% of respondents plan to develop for the Android platform over the next 2 years, while 49% plan to develop for iOS. Respondents see enterprise and industry-specific applications as top areas for adoption within 24 months.

Social Business

The survey showed that organizations have adopted social business to an extent motivated by employee collaboration, efficiency in locating people and resources, and idea generation and sharing. The top three social business capabilities that companies are using today are file sharing, blogs and forums.

IBM says that social business adoption differs by region, and the main concerns for adoption are security and local employee and customer acceptance.

For more information, download the 2011 IBM Tech Trends Report.



  1. Darth Vader Mentor

    Cloud computing at IBM will wind up with no different outcome than "On Demand" did. Keep up the labor arbitrage and cross-country tax "optimization". That's the only thing tool Armonk has left to show a profit with.

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