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BizCloud® Network | November 30, 2015

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Dell to Provide Joyent Cloud Software Solution to Service Providers

New revenue streams, higher profitability and quicker time to market for telcos, data centers, ISPs and others

San Francisco, CA—November 19, 2010— Joyent, a global provider of cloud computing solutions and technology, today announced availability of its SmartDataCenter cloud software solution for service providers at an event introducing the Dell Cloud Solution for Web Applications.

Leveraging the knowledge and expertise gained from serving tens of thousands of public cloud customers worldwide since 2004, Joyent now offers an integrated cloud software solution that enables global telcos, data center operators, ISPs and others to expand their existing businesses by providing cloud services to their customers. With the Joyent SmartDataCenter cloud software solution, service providers can develop new, profitable revenue streams, participate in the most rapidly growing segment of IT, and improve customer value by providing access to proven cloud technology being used by a rapidly growing number of global systems integrators, ISVs and developers.

“We selected Dell Data Center Solutions (DCS) as the first OEM partner for Joyent software because Dell DCS, like Joyent, has spent the past five years serving customers at cloud scale,” said David Young, founder and chief executive officer of Joyent. “We see service providers and other enterprises greatly benefiting from accelerated time to market with this innovative combination of proven technology and know-how from Joyent and Dell.”

The Dell Cloud Solution for Web Applications is a pre-tested, pre-assembled and fully-supported hardware, software and services offering for deploying a platform as a service (PaaS) to power highly responsive web applications. Dell today announced that Uniserve Communications, one of the largest independent ISPs in Canada, has chosen to deploy the Dell Cloud Solution for Web Applications.

“We chose to work with Dell and Joyent because of their expertise with the cloud,” said Michael Schmidt, CEO at Uniserve Communications. “We plan to be the dominant cloud computing services provider in Canada, offering fast, reliable and optimized application services to our customers, and I know that this solution will assist us in doing so.”

“For service organizations, being able to quickly and efficiently bring new cloud services to market is critical,” said Andy Rhodes, director of marketing, Dell Data Center Solutions. “We designed this turnkey solution to be easily deployed and highly efficient, enabling service providers to maximize return on investment and focus on delivering new services to customers in order to drive business growth.”

The Joyent SmartDataCenter cloud software solution consists not only of innovative cloud technology, but of enablement services sold directly by Joyent to service providers to allow them to compete with Amazon, Google and others that increasingly threaten their revenue streams. Joyent’s technology consists of an integrated software stack that includes a cloud optimized operating system, application virtualization, DTrace-based cloud analytics, data center management and a single development platform all based on the Joyent Smart Computing suite. The service provider enablement services leverage Joyent’s five years of experience as a public cloud provider and complement SmartDataCenter with a library of Joyent Standard Operating Procedures, best practices and a rapidly growing global ecosystem of systems integrators, ISVs and developers.

Joyent takes a different approach to virtualization, with software that creates virtualized data centers and not just virtualized machines. Joyent employs operating system-level virtualization while most of the industry uses less efficient software emulation of hardware. Joyent’s approach means service providers enjoy as much as 70% higher utilization rates, which translate to higher revenue and profits. This efficient architecture enables service providers to withstand downward pressure on profitability even as the cloud services industry matures and begins to commoditize.

Independent third party benchmarks demonstrate that service providers can deliver faster performance to their customers using the Joyent SmartDataCenter software solution. Joyent’s SmartMachine executes up to five times faster CPU, 14 times faster disk I/O, and three times faster memory I/O than legacy alternatives. Read the benchmarks:

“Service providers want to claim share in the rapidly growing cloud marketplace and provide their customers with a solution that’s proven, efficient, and profitable,” said Jason Hoffman, founder and chief scientist of Joyent. “We’ve leveraged our experience running a successful public cloud to create a turnkey solution geared to meet the time to market needs of service providers today and the ever increasing cloud technology innovation needs of tomorrow.”

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