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BizCloud® Network | November 29, 2015

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Generating Great ROI with Online Videos

Generating Great ROI with Online Videos

Companies that are still skeptical towards the effectiveness of online video advertising are mostly over cautious about spending their marketing dollars on an online campaign which doesn’t show clear result in terms of ROI. Still, statistics show that the number of companies choosing this advertising media to imprint their brand name into the minds of their targeted web audiences has shown an exponential growth in the past years. As the online video has evolved and proved its maturity in the online advertising world, numerous tools for managing, distributing and measuring video content have emerged to add more legitimacy to the use of this media. Online video has become an integral part of marketing mix for companies that have recognized the power of this tool to create the most engaging online user experiences. When it comes to ROI, the measurement metrics differ from company to company, depending on the specific goals they want to achieve by implementing online video. Whether it is used for business promotion, expanding client reach, or selling company’s offerings, online video is a number one cost-effective online advertising tool for bringing better return on investment. Big part of the success of online video in general lies in the ability it offers to marketers to target their audience based on contextual, demographic, geographical and other parameters. Online videos have to answer to all requirements necessary for reaching these target audiences, they have to offer value in terms of usefulness, information, and relevancy to the customer.

According to Yellow Pages, „Consumers are using online video ads to help make purchasing decisions.“ They also found that, “80% of web users have watched a video ad online, 52% took action after viewing the ad. 15% visited the store and 12% made a purchase.” Because of its interactive nature, online video is fast becoming one of the most effective tools to acquire and convert new customers. Considering that the average consumer recall rate of an online video ad is 50%, adding a video to an online advertising campaign can significantly increase its chances of success.

There is a common misconception that professionally produced online videos are expensive. For this reason, many companies that have limited budget to spend on their online marketing campaigns still were not able to discover the business building benefits of online video advertising. The solution is finding a company that can produce affordable, high quality video content in order to achieve great economies of scale. Professional video production services don’t have to cost thousands of dollars, and can significantly increase brand awareness and sales opportunities for a company. See the example of an amazing and affordable high quality video that can take your business to the higher level.


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