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BizCloud® Network | November 30, 2015

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IDC Study Shows Global Data More than Doubling Every Two Years

  • On June 29, 2011

According to a new IDC Digital Universe study called “Extracting Value from Chaos” the world’s information is more than doubling every two years. The report forecasts that 1.8 zettabytes of data will be created and replicated in 2011.

The EMC sponsored study outlines that 1.8 zettabates of data is the equivalent of filling 57.2 billion 32 GB Apple iPads, which could be used to build “a 20-foot high wall around South America” or build “the Great iPad Wall of China — at twice the average height of the original.”

The enormous amount of data would alternatively be equivalent to every person in the United States posting 3 tweets per minute for 26,976 years nonstop, the study added.

“New ‘information taming’ technologies are driving the cost of creating, capturing, managing and storing information down to one-sixth of what it was in 2005,” the study said. Since 2005, annual enterprise investments in “cloud, hardware, software, services, and staff” have risen 50% to $4 trillion.

However, IDC notes that the skills, experience, and resources to manage the deluge of data and resources isn’t keeping pace with all areas of growth.  Over the next decade, IT departments globally will see ten times the number of servers and 50 times the information to be managed, but only 1.5 times the number of IT professionals available to manage it all, the study forecasts.

The study also notes that cloud computing accounts for less than 2% of IT spending today, but five years from now nearly 20% of the information will be “touched” by cloud service providers and close to 10% will be maintained in a cloud.

“The chaotic volume of information that continues growing relentlessly presents an endless amount of opportunity—driving transformational societal, technological, scientific, and economic changes,” said Jeremy Burton, Chief Marketing Officer, EMC Corporation. “Big Data is forcing change in the way businesses manage and extract value from their most important asset – information. EMC is at an ideal crossroad to help our customers—from the world’s largest enterprises to governments to small businesses—exploit the hidden value in the digital universe as they continue on their journey to the cloud.”

One of the key findings of the study shows that less than 30% of the data in the digital universe can be said to have at least minimal security or protection with only about 50% of the information that should be protected is protected.

SOURCE EMC Corporation

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