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BizCloud® Network | December 1, 2015

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Imogo’s optimized for new Samsung Galaxy S3 and upcoming Apple iPhone 5

Imogo Mobile Technologies Corp. (OTCBB: IMTC), has announced that their new cloud based applications, which allow people to work from any device at anytime, anywhere with an internet connection, have been optimized for the new Samsung Galaxy S3 and upcoming Apple iPhone 5.

The optimized application has built in email like Gmail, data cloud like Dropbox, and digital telephone like Skype, all integrated into one package that is secure. Imogo is the provider to integrate everything into one package for the consumer and businesses but yet offer the secure product available to protect data. On the new Samsung Galaxy S3 using Android, and the upcoming Apple iPhone 5 using IOS, the applications will operate with enhanced speed and security.

Imogo’s ZaOffice application requires no downloading and is all web based on its own cloud which can be used on any devices, such as all Android devices, Apple devices, Blackberry devices, Windows devices, and any other device capable of viewing a webpage. This is a leap forward for Imogo’s in cross platform compatibility with most businesses moving to BYOD or “Bring Your Own Device.”

Stewart Irvine, President and CEO of Imogo says; “We are extremely happy to have been able to optimize our product to work faster and even more secure on the new Galaxy S3 and the upcoming iPhone 5, as these are the respective market leaders. By offering an enhanced product to these users, we are sure to capture a larger share of the market, which will lead to revenue growth and a higher stock price for our shareholders. We will continue to move with the market and offer enhanced products for any new devices that warrant the extra attention.”

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