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BizCloud® Network | November 26, 2015

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IP Infusion to Demonstrate OpenFlow/SDN Architecture for Mobile Video Applications at Interop

IP Infusion to Demonstrate OpenFlow/SDN Architecture for Mobile Video Applications at Interop

IP Infusion, Inc., a provider of intelligent network software for enhanced Ethernet and IP services, has announced the company will demonstrate its ZebOS® Control Plane platform with support for OpenFlow at Interop Las Vegas 2012. IP Infusion will demonstrate how mobile video service delivery can be dramatically improved on networks using Software-Defined Networking (SDN) architecture and the OpenFlow protocol. This real-world use case shows how network carriers and service providers can gain more efficient bandwidth usage while offering the benefits and value of new services and improved functionality to their customers. IP Infusion will be exhibiting in booth #1109 at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, May 8-10, 2012.

IP Infusion is a pioneer in SDN with more than a decade of experience developing software-based routing and switching solutions. IP Infusion’s ZebOS Control Plane — a core component of the ZebOS Network Platform Software — is built upon an SDN architecture. The demonstration exemplifies the SDN Hybrid Mode, and illustrates how OpenFlow streamlines network failover and facilitates flexible policy management.  The demo configuration leverages Broadcom’s StrataXGS® BCM56624 high-performance switch solution. IP Infusion utilized its Advanced Hardware Integration Software (AHIS) for the Broadcom StrataXGS BCM56624 that allowed the development team to quickly and directly integrate to the Broadcom® Software Development Kit (SDK). IP Infusion provides pre-integration modules to speed time to market for several of Broadcom’s networking platforms, which work with Broadcom’s SDK to access advanced switch features and configurations. IP Infusion’s ZebOS platform is designed for portability across a range of standard and custom control processor platforms.

“IP Infusion has been delivering control plane solutions for SDN for over a decade. Use cases such as this from IP Infusion show the growing maturity of the SDN market, and offer concrete use cases that can be applied to real-world networks,” said Sandy Orlando, vice president of marketing at IP Infusion. “Video accounts for more than 65 percent of mobile data traffic today and the problem will continue to have a negative impact on network performance unless the industry adopts a new approach to networking. Software-defined networking is the proven new approach. In addition to our live demo we will also be featuring our support for cloud computing applications on Marvell’s Prestera and HX platforms in Marvell’s demo suite in ‘Banyan A’ at Interop. We are excited about our collaboration with Marvell and look forward to more integrated solutions with this valued partner in the future.”

For more information on IP Infusion’s OpenFlow/SDN demo for mobile video applications and to book a time to see the demo live at Interop, click on this demo link.

In ZebOS, IP Infusion provides a comprehensive routing and switching software that has been deployed in five 9’s networks across five continents for more than a decade. IP Infusion’s architecture enables network equipment providers to take advantage of commercial network switch chips to reduce costs and improve performance. The solution also enables customers to develop once and then easily port to new hardware for price and performance improvements without rewriting their routing/switching software. By providing an integrated software offering, IP Infusion improves time-to-market by reducing the amount of development required by the customer.

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