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BizCloud® Network | November 26, 2015

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IPv6 Special Report –Google & Comcast Announce Big Steps Forward

IPv6 Special Report –Google & Comcast Announce Big Steps Forward

We’ll get back to the topics I continued in previous blog entries soon, but, I wanted to share some major developments from last week with you…

The first one, Google announced that their YouTube service is now available on IPv6 if you are using Google White-listed nameservers [1] .This is a major commitment that follows on to a string of developments and commitments to IPv6 by Google.

The second major announcement last week was Comcast announcing that they were beginning Residential Customer IPv6 Trials.  That means Comcast has declared intent to deliver their residential broadband services over IPv6.

Let me reiterate the gravity of this… The single largest consumer broadband provider in the world has announced that they are beginning IPv6 deployment to their residential broadband customers.

For anyone out there who was saying “IPv6 isn’t going to happen.” this pretty much seals your fate. It’s not only going to happen, it IS happening now and in a much bigger way than ever before.

Youtube and Comcast now join Hurricane Electric, Netflix, Google, and many others in the IPv6 ready list.  Yahoo has announced IPv6 support and we’ll continue to watch closely for actual deployment.
Is your site next? If you’re IPv6 ready, post a comment here, we’d love to hear from you. If you’re not IPv6 ready, let us know what’s stopping you.

Author Bio:
Owen DeLong is an IPv6 Evangelist for Hurricane Electric, the leading IPv6 ready Internet Service Provider.  He’s also an elected member of the ARIN Advisory Council and a senior backbone engineer with more than 25 years of industry experience. In his spare time, he’s a commercial pilot and teaches SCUBA diving and CPR/First Aid courses.  Owen can be reached at owen at delong dot com.

Would you like Owen to come speak to your group about IPv6?
For more details, check out”.

[1] See for more information on Google’s IPv6 Whitelist.


  1. Yes, it is inevitable. Much of the resistance has been due to the complexities involved in migrating from IPv4 to IPv6. Organizations need a take a very careful look at how best to do this. Best of breed enterprises and service providers use OPNET IT Guru for software based modeling and simulation – there are even special modules in the product for planning out migration stategies for IPv6. See more at

  2. It is a lot less complex than many people believe. If you look at you can find more information about which pieces are critical and which can wait.

    One of the most important things to understand is that we are not "migrating" to IPv6, we are adding IPv6 capabilities to our IPv4 infrastructure. We'll start "migrating" when we run out of IPv4 addresses and future adds are forced to be IPv6. Until then, IPv6 is simply an additional addressing structure that can be overlaid and added to your existing IPv4 infrastructure.

    There are still some challenges (making sure hardware is up to the task, staff training, planning, etc.), but, not nearly the monumental task many perceive it to be.

  3. I truly enjoy this blog.

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