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BizCloud® Network | November 29, 2015

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Much Better Jobs Video on BizCloud

The Much Better Jobs website was developed to provide a proactive method which shortens the time it takes to gain new employment.  New procedures were researched and completely developed which allow a job seeker to find and apply to hidden job opportunities.  These jobs have much less competition than the hundreds or even thousands of applicants for Monster and Career Builder postings.

Over the 14 years of helping over 8846 professionals find employment, the author of our ebook, John Hoover, has observed the changing options for most effectively finding a job.  From newspaper and professional journals, recruiters, job boards, blogs and now today’s newest methods are all in the ebook.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of pathways to finding acceptable employment.  Only the 12 most productive are covered in detail with hyperlinks in our ebook.  We have explored many thousands of promising ways to find a job – and picked the 12 most productive for today’s job market while discarding the rest.

The job seekers who have applied only 8 of our 12 steps are placing themselves in the top 5% of all job applicants.  They are first in line, with a great resume with an abundance of fresh job postings daily.

Over 15 years of intensive research has been undertaken –utilizing several thousand man hours to compile all the relevant resources and hyperlinks included in the ebook.  The many hyperlinks allow quick and ready access to the detailed information individually required by each user in their job search plan of attack.  Every salient feature is included to insure a complete and thorough job search method which provides the job seeker success in their particular areas in which they may need assistance.Each ebook has a permanent Username and Password which never expire.  This allows the book to be reused for future job search activities as required.  The mere fact that the information is continually being updated, the ebook is always current and a reliable resource which is instantly available when needed.


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