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BizCloud® Network | September 18, 2014

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Multi-level Sharing Option in Zoho Reports

Multi-level Sharing Option in Zoho Reports

One of the huge benefits that a SAAS BI solution like

Zoho Reports
brings to a business team is the power of online collaboration. Reports
and data (tables) can be shared easily and collaborated upon. Zoho
Reports has offered from day one, a good many

fine-grained sharing options
. And in the recent update, we have enhanced these sharing
options one step further by bringing in multi-level sharing

you share a report to another user (by clicking on



Share this View to New Users
), you now have the option to specify
if the shared user in turn can share that report to other users. And when a
table is shared using this option, the shared user can in turn share
not just the table but also the reports that he/she created over that
table (child reports) to other users too.

Here’s a typical scenario where the multi-level sharing comes into play. The Sales Head of your organization shares the Sales data with his Divisional Managers. A Divisional Manager can make reports specific to her division and share it with her Sales Representatives. The below screenshot explains this scenario – ‘Sales’ table being shared to Fatima (fatimay@zillum), who’s the West region’s head. Fatima in turn makes a couple of reports for her division’s (West) reps Nathan (nbrooks@zillum) and Manish (manishp@zillum).

The Administrator of the account

(the Sales Head in the above case)

gets to see the whole sharing hierarchy of who’s created what & who’s shared with whom and has got full controls over Edit/Delete permissions of views.

Hope you like this multiple-level sharing option. Try it in

Zoho Reports
and your comments and feedback are most welcome!

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