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BizCloud® Network | November 27, 2015

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Reducing Compliance Risks with VMware Cloud

From BizCloud Computing Security Watch: Information Security compliance can be daunting, frustrating, lengthy task and many organizations globally are finding it very difficult to accumulate the sense of audit and control measures. Besides compliance to internal policies and regulations, companies also have to deal with federal, state and many other industrial regulations, making the overall process much complicated.

Though these regulations are meant to improve control and cloud security, they are complicated and costly to impose with the IT organizations, and bring in hefty fines and penalties if found guilty of breaching the regulation.

VMware removes many of the risks associated with IT Compliance through continuous introspection and assessment of current compliance state and automatically rectifying any abnormalities found within all the VMware hosted cloud server instances. VMware provides pre-built integrated IT Control templates of major framework including PCI-DSS, PCI, SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, FISMA, DISA , ISO 27001 and P-II and for leading vendors like Microsoft, Linux , CIS to ensure that industry best standards and practices are implemented throughout the whole Cloud Hosted VMware Infrastructure.

These templates provide means to design a virtual cloud data center in compliance with government and industry requirements, along with keeping your organization secure. The automatic remediation feature enables the restoration of a site to an earlier –in-compliance state along with the recovery of Operating system specific configurations, login credentials and software patches.

The very changing dynamics of businesses, globalization and customers, organizations continuously revolve and adapt themselves around the change, thus enforcing the IT Organization to ensure that the IT processes and policies are in compliance with the imposed regulations. VMware provides free compliance checker utility, specifically for Payment Card Industry (PCI), one of the most critical and security sought businesses. This tool enables the users to ensure that their hosted servers and desktops are in compliance with PCI DSS standard, and provide recommendation for necessary remedial of any identified discrepancy.

Building Hosted Cloud Server solution is easy with VMware and its secure, compliance ready architecture, certainly gives it an added advantage over its competitors, even if it is hosted on a public cloud infrastructure.

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