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BizCloud® Network | November 30, 2015

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Revera’s New Data Centre In Wellington Utilises CommVault’s Simpana Software

Revera’s New Data Centre In Wellington Utilises CommVault’s Simpana Software
  • Revera, a New Zealand based computing infrastructure and managed services provider, has announced the opening of a new Data Centre located in Wellington. The expansion is to support the exponential, multiple petabyte growth, of business critical data that Revera manages for more than 200 major NZ government and private organisations, using CommVault® Simpana® 9 software.
  • The new Data Centre will be the 5th Revera site, supplementing the existing locations in Tawa,Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington. Located in Hutt’s Alexander Industrial Park the 4000m², Tier-3, TIA 942 standard development will enable the expansion of Revera’s Homeland Service provision to more customers, and support the business growth that the company expects to see following the signing of a 10-year Department of Internal Affairs IaaS contract in October 2011.
  • With CommVault Simpana software, Revera has fueled business expansion, scaling from dozens of customers, several hundred servers in two data centres and multiple terabytes of data to hundreds of customers, thousands of virtual servers across five data centres and multiple petabytes of datawithout having to dramatically increase its administrative overhead.
  • Revera’s Homeland Services provide a variety of innovative utility computing offerings, encompassing Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), disaster recovery (DR) and customised managed services backed by around-the-clock local support. CommVault’s singular platform and modern data management approach have accelerated the delivery of these value-added services while ensuring seamless scalability to address rapid business growth.
  • Simpana software is  technology that drives the deployment of highly differentiated services, leveraging CommVault’s integrated functionality for backup and recovery,archive and replication.
  • According to Revera, CommVault Simpana software’s multi-tenant architecture is suited for shared services and also enables the MSP to easily and cost-effectively tailor backup and recovery services while meeting strict Service Level Agreements, including zero-downtime to one-hour recoveries of Microsoft Exchange databases.


Cloud Survey, Cloud Computing Survey, IaaS Survey 2012, 2012 IaaS SurveyIncreasing Service Levels with Simpana Software

  • With Simpana software, Revera has rolled out new services across physical and virtual server environments while lowering operating costs and increasing service levels.
  • With Simpana SnapProtect® technology, for instance, the organisation creates hardware snapshot copies internal to its storage arrays, which enables performing hundreds of virtual machine backups in minutes while creating multiple recovery points throughout the day for enhanced data protection.
  • Additionally, CommVault’s embedded, global deduplication capability reduces both bandwidth and operating costs by eliminating redundant data and using network bandwidth more efficiently. This advanced functionality is especially important in New Zealand, where bandwidth is expensive and connectivity challenges abound. The decrease in operating costs can be passed along to customers by the MSP in terms of other valued-added services.
  • According to Revera, utilizing Simpana Archive functionality, it can offer a new, value-added service that will help customers reduce the cost of long-term data retention while enabling improved information governance.

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