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BizCloud® Network | November 28, 2015

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ScaleXtreme Announces Next-Generation “Big Data” Systems Management

ScaleXtreme Announces Next-Generation “Big Data” Systems Management

ScaleXtreme, a provider of cloud-based monitoring and systems management, announced plans to provide “Big Data” systems management functionality as part of its next-generation systems management products.

ScaleXtreme today is a full-featured, cloud-based systems management product that is built to handle the challenges of next-generation IT. The next-generation of IT will involve seamlessly managing systems within the enterprise as well as from multiple public cloud providers, through a variety of web and mobile devices, and ScaleXtreme delivers on this vision today. Next gen systems management will also leverage shared data to deliver actionable IT operations insights.

With the integration of “Big Data” analytics and insights into the monitoring and management of systems, customers can spot emerging trends and be better informed of the actions they should take to respond to immediate and upcoming issues with their infrastructure. Instead of using Google or asking friends, “Big Data” insights will help IT operations and systems admins actually make data-driven decisions about their infrastructure.

Today’s event-driven systems management forces administrators to respond to an avalanche of requests from hundreds of machines. ScaleXtreme is working to build collective data analysis tools to help IT operators put systems events into perspective and prioritize their work.

“Only a cloud-based tool can aggregate, anonymize and analyze IT operations data at scale, from a large base of users to deliver actionable intelligence to customers,” said ScaleXtreme CEO Nand Mulchandani. “The advancement of data analysis technologies has enabled us to begin work on an ambitious overhaul of the systems management products that IT operators are familiar with.”

Some of the features ScaleXtreme is working on include: comparative performance benchmarks, industry-wide best practices, peer-based vulnerability analysis, shared security threat alerts and service provider meta-analysis. One of the most salient advanced use cases of the ScaleXtreme Intelligence Network is patch management. Today, the ScaleXtreme product can identify which cloud and on-premise servers need patching and help automate remediation. The next gen systems management solution will give IT admins visibility into which patches their peers have deployed. It’s like getting a second opinion from a group of competent friends.

Customers will be able to test these and other big data-enabled features later this year, with early-access accounts available for select customers and partners. Customers will be able to opt-in to the ScaleXtreme Intelligence Network and immediately begin receiving valuable insights from others in the network.

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