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BizCloud® Network | November 24, 2015

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platform as a service

Salesforce Announces Salesforce App Cloud-A Unified Platform for Building Connected Apps, Fast

September 10, 2015 |

App Cloud integrates the platform services Salesforce is known for—including Force, Heroku Enterprise and Lightning—with new shared identity, data and network services to empower CIOs to deliver connected apps for any business need.Read More

Atos, EMC and VMware to Form an Open Cloud Computing Strategic Alliance

February 15, 2012 |

Atos to create Canopy, as a One-Stop-Shop Company for Advanced Cloud Services; EMC and VMware to Invest Alongside Atos to target Cloud Computing for Enterprises and Government Space Read More

Integration Issues Represent a Major Barrier to SaaS Vendor Success: Study

November 29, 2011 |

Integration is the most common obstacle in the sales process for SaaS/Cloud vendors, according to a recent study conducted by ThinkStrategies and cloud integration provider MuleSoft. Almost 90% of respondents cited that integration is important or extremely important in gaining new … Read More

Intel Capital invests $24 million in seven software companies

September 12, 2011 |

SAN FRANCISCO—Intel Capital, Intel Corporation’s global investment organization, announced seven investments to drive continued innovation across the software ecosystem. The deals total over $24 million and include new investments in enterprise cloud automation software provider DynamicOps; building management software provider enLighted, real-time analytics provider Guavus; Platform-as-a-Service (Paas) for commerce company IP Commerce; and social games analytics service provider Swrve New Media.

“The best computing experiences unite leading-edge hardware with amazing software”

Intel Capital also recently closed follow-on investments in predictive analytics company Revolution Analytics and cloud-based media streaming service Gaikai.

The seven companies have developed innovative technologies related to key initiatives of Intel’s software strategy. Recognizing that software is tightly coupled with, and a vital element of, all Intel platforms and processors, Intel provides software products and services, design resources, technical expertise and consulting worldwide. Intel helps create the best platforms for delivering captivating user experiences and Intel Capital’s efforts support software ecosystem development that help drive this strategy. Read More

Public Cloud Buyer Profile

August 18, 2011 |

In the 10+ years that RampRate has advised buyers of IT infrastructure services, few technology options have been as polarizing as “the cloud.”  In some organizations, a public cloud deployment is viewed as an immature technology if not a passing fad, with any cloud outage eliciting a chorus of “I told you so.” In others, it is a panacea that appears at the end of every strategic roadmap for every application.

The true position is at neither extreme. Public cloud computing is a tool for a job, which fits some buyers and projects today, and will fit more of them as both cloud technologies and application development practices continue to mature. It is the heir to many technologies that were initially viewed with an equal measure of skepticism and enthusiasm in the past – from co-location to content delivery networks to virtualization technologies rebranded by some vendors as “private clouds”.

The key question is not whether it is a great technology or a flawed one – it’s both, particularly flawed when misapplied – but what cloud service is the right fit for your specific jobs, whether today or in a few years, and what you should do to prepare. Read More

Understanding the Business Benefits of Platform as a Service

April 27, 2011 | 1

Internet has revolutionized the way business is operated harnessing limitless opportunities to perform routine to critical organizational functions. Cloud Computing is a remarkable shift in IT industry, which enables virtually anyone for reliable, scalable and on demand robust IT as a Service solutions stacks. Platform as a Service is a cloud service offering which enables the development, deployment, integration and maintenance of key business applications without even buying the underlying backend architecture, on a convenient pay as you go model, where all these applications are hosted on the provider’s infrastructure and are entirely accessible via internet.

What is Platform as a Service?

Platform as a Service provides the entire infrastructure essential to either design or deploy general, social, business and enterprise level software applications, without managing or controlling the host cloud infrastructure including networks, servers, operating systems, storage and all the programming tools & applications, hence providing the Platform to build, test and deploy applications with the same development architecture & infrastructure as an organization would require in-house for building and hosting enterprise level applications. Read More

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