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BizCloud® Network | November 30, 2015

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Talent Intelligence Transforms Corporate Strategy

September 13, 2011 | 1

More organizations are embracing the power of Talent Intelligence, making it an integral part of their corporate strategy, and increasingly relying on social media networks and mobile technologies to acquire and retain the talent they need to remain competitive.

These are the forces shaping the future of Talent Management, according to Michael Gregoire, Chairman and CEO of Taleo Corporation(NASDAQ: TLEO), the SaaS-based Talent Management solutions company. Gregoire made the remarks in his keynote speech this morning before a record-setting audience of 1600 at Taleo World, where human resources and Talent Management executives will explore how best to use Talent Intelligence to know their people and grow their business.

“Talent Management strategies are becoming part of the very marrow of corporate strategic plans, a sign that Talent Intelligence is playing an ever-larger role in business growth,” said Gregoire. “As forces like social networking and mobile technologies dictate how companies connect with talent, no business can afford to let these trends escape its grasp. That’s why Taleo continues to evolve our vision for Talent Intelligence — aggressively, and always with an eye on what’s next.”

Gregoire pointed to industry data that reveal how these trends are already underway:

  • In PWC’s 2011 CEO Survey, leading CEOs identified talent management as a major challenge and a key driver of business performance.i
  • More companies are using social media to recruit top talent and hire from within. It helped CDW, a $7.6 billion technology solutions provider, cut its overall talent management costs by 48 percent.ii
  • Mobile workers are growing so common that there will be 1.2 billion by 2013; by then, IDC expects three out of four U.S. workers will be mobile.iii Read More

LinkedIn Launches Plugin for Job Applications

July 26, 2011 | 3

Professional networking site LinkedIn announced a new plugin on Monday called “Apply with LinkedIn” that enables job seekers to apply for positions on an employer’s website by submitting their LinkedIn profile as a resume. The company said its latest professional plugin is designed to make the job application process as easy as possible, enabling applicants to apply for jobs with “one simple click.” LinkedIn simplified things for employers as well, and all it takes for companies to include the new button on their websites is a small snippet of code. Read More

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