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BizCloud® Network | November 28, 2015

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Akamai Introduces Terra Alta to Address the Evolving Complexities of Enterprise Application Delivery

March 21, 2012 |

Solution designed for changing enterprise IT requirements around end user mobility and development and deployment of complex applications in the cloudRead More

New Relic’s SaaS APM Tool: A Review of Key Features

October 11, 2011 |

NewRelic is the leading developer of Web Application Performance Management tools, having expert level detection, diagnosis, and remediation capabilities in monitoring and managing applications for web-hosted startups or large enterprises. New Relic was built by industry veterans having strong, in-depth application performance knowledge. Implementing their web app management tools in your cloud or in-house application can provide real-time app analysis so that you can deal with problems in a timely manner as they arise. Below we examine 5 of the key features of the SaaS-powered New Relic Application Monitoring suite:

1. Multiplatform Support

New Relic supports Java, PhP, Ruby on Rails (ROR), and Microsoft’s .NET framework, servicing the core web application development platforms. New Relic provides real-time statistics into live application operation scenarios, helping you to easily pinpoint performance clogging areas. New Relic also supports other development frameworks and libraries supported by the above languages, for example, the liberty to use any dispatcher for your Ruby application including Mongrel, Thin, Litespeed, and Unicorn. There is also support for major Java centric frameworks like JBoss, Spring, Struts, and Apache Solr. Vb.Net, C#, C++ and Microsoft Azure supported clouds are also covered by New Relic.

Read More

SaaS Application Performance Monitoring Saves Money and Wins Customers

October 3, 2011 | 8

Have you ever wondered why your cloud computing applications are not performing optimally, or why your customers are losing interest even though you have a rock solid application and supported infrastructure in place? Your problems may very well be due to poor Application Performance Management.

What is APM? (A Brief Intro)

Application Performance Management is a must-have component that is quickly gaining momentum as part of public cloud computing solutions. It is an important key to monitoring and managing the performance of an application in the cloud.  Application Performance Management provides system wide, high level insight into how your public or in-house data center is using hardware components, disk I/O, and memory while helping you identify performance bottlenecks and showing you the application availability ratio. With integrated Web Application Performance metrics, APM detects and diagnoses performance issues, and helps you return an app to its optimal performance benchmark.

Application Performance Monitoring Dashboard Image

The Shift from Traditional APM Benefits to the New SaaS APM Solution.

Historically, Application Performance Management was carried out using a combination of in-house dedicated hardware. Unfortunately, this was very expensive: you had to pay through the  nose for Application Performance Management (APM) software licenses, back-end hardware, supporting software, APM deployment and integration, and the monthly maintenance of these enterprise-wide solutions. The complexity of managing these solutions was so time-consuming that the actual business strategy and goal in Read More

Measuring the Performance of Your Web Application

October 3, 2011 |

Businesses around the globe are getting increasingly dependent on IT to drive their growth, integrating business critical, enterprise wide applications for automating business operations and strengthening their strategic positioning while gaining business agility.  Web applications developed by these businesses go … Read More

New Relic Experts to Present Three Speaking Sessions at Dreamforce ’11

August 30, 2011 | 1

New Relic, Inc., the SaaS web application performance management provider, announced today that it will be speaking at Dreamforce ‘11 held August 30-September 2 in San Francisco, CA. Dreamforce brings together the leaders in cloud computing to collaborate, connect, and inspire. New Relic experts will be on hand to present three speaking sessions on topics such as how to instrument web applications deployed on Heroku as well as the fallacies of distributed computing in the cloud era.

Session details include:

Instrumenting and Analyzing Web Apps Deployed on Heroku
Who: Morten Bagai, vice president of product management, Heroku; Brian Doll and Abhishek Goswami, application performance engineers at New Relic
When: Wednesday, August 31, 2011 at 12:30 p.m.
Where: Developer Theatre

Revisiting “The Fallacies of Distributed Computing” in the Cloud Era  Read More

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