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BizCloud® Network | December 1, 2015

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Apica Announces Next-Generation LoadTest Portal for Simplifying Cloud Performance Testing for Businesses

Apica Announces Next-Generation LoadTest Portal for Simplifying Cloud Performance Testing for Businesses
  • On February 15, 2012

AT CLOUD CONNECT 2012, Apica announced LoadTest portal, which is expected to be generally available in March 2012. Apica LoadTest 2, complete with Selenium integration, will allow users to easily pinpoint load capacity limits, eliminate web performance bottlenecks and get a true understanding of how a site will perform.

Business leaders agree that the payoff for diligent performance load testing is huge. Every day the likes of major retailers, iconic technology brands and multi-national airlines experience websites failures. When these websites crash, their businesses are at least partially closed. As more and more businesses move to the cloud, it’s imperative that these businesses keep a close watch on quality and continually test, monitor and validate application performance to consider: What is the potential cost of poor performance of my cloud application? Is there a bottleneck that could hamper performance or worse, cause the site to crash? What is the load limit? Are applications fine-tuned for maximum success?

 “The explosion of web applications and websites moving to the cloud has caused a significant amount of problems with regards to load capacity, application performance and overall reliability. Tuning and scaling systems and being ready for extreme traffic spikes is critical for any successful company doing business online and in the cloud. Our new Apica LoadTest portal squarely addresses this and simplifies continuous load testing and also supports DevOps-based lifecycle testing, helping companies to best optimize their systems and succeed with new application release rollouts”, said Sven Hammar, CEO for Apica.

Apica uses diligently defined and controlled environments for its load tests, consisting of the highest quality test centers with normalized load servers and closely supervised environments and servers. Apica has more than 40 different points of presence across the US and Europe and can generate total load tests of more than 1 million concurrent users to a website.

The key new features of the upcoming major release of the Apica LoadTest portal include:

Tight integration with the popular Selenium testing freeware technology

  • Simplified load testing set up and reporting
  • Expanded load testing clusters for additional geographical testing
  • Index matching with common CMS/Cloud components


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