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BizCloud® Network | November 26, 2015

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BizCloud Computing Consultants Offer Cost Savings and Customer Satisfaction Tips for Online Gaming Companies

BizCloud Computing Consultants Offer Cost Savings and Customer Satisfaction Tips for Online Gaming Companies
The cloud technology and marketing experts at BizCloud® have generated these tips to help online gaming companies understand how the strategic deployment of an application performance management solution in gaming application development can result in significant savings and improved customer satisfaction and retention. The tips are focused on understanding how leveraging best-in-class SaaS application performance management solutions can bring significant cost-savings and quick ROI compared to traditional licensed APM software, as well as assist in resolving gaming application performance issues that often lead to loss of end users’ interest. 

How to Save Money by Employing SaaS APM:
Quality game development is expensive. In addition to substantial personnel costs, development requires expensive software licenses, high-end hardware, and a robust network. However, there is an alternative.  By employing a SaaS powered application performance management solution, online gaming companies can save up to 80% in software licensing costs and reduce their hardware and networking expenses to virtually zero. When implemented correctly, such APM solutions boast effortless integration into a company’s public, private, or in-house data center cloud.

Avoid Hardware Expenses. Hosted and processed entirely by the vendor’s back-end infrastructure, the SaaS-enabled Web application performance management tool requires absolutely no dedicated server resources to operate on a customer’s premises, eliminating equipment, maintenance, and associated personnel costs. With such hardware requirements removed, gaming companies may find that they can house their development and testing teams within a much smaller facility to realize even more savings.

Eliminate Software Licensing Costs. A cloud powered SaaS APM is offered as a service.  Heavy software acquisition costs to buy licenses are not required, which can mean savings in excess of $1 million for a large enterprise with thousands of nodes. For online gaming companies in their early stages of growth, the savings can still be substantial.

No Implementation & Maintenance Fees. Deploying, integrating and operating SaaS application performance monitoring and management tools on most public clouds is a straightforward task.  With vendor managed application hosting and servers, a cloud APM solution bears absolutely negligible implementation and maintenance costs. Given that many online gaming companies, especially new ones, operate under tight budget restraints, such an SaaS solution integrates perfectly with their needs.

Tips for Providing Increased Customer Satisfaction and Retention through SaaS APM:
Online gamers have been spoiled by the recent emergence of low cost (often even free), small footprint games offered through social media sites and other large gaming networks.  Gamers expect games to work effortlessly and instantly regardless of the user’s operating system, browser version, or bandwidth.

A cloud-based application performance management solution, such as the SaaS APM tool offered by New Relic, provides deep level performance information. Imagine having software that can tell you exactly how quickly character avatars react to the click of a mouse or the press of a button, or how long it takes a game to fully render an explosion and its effects through the game’s physics engine. Using APM tools, game developers can quickly and easily obtain this level of information and use it to dramatically improve the end-user’s experience.

Real-Time Performance Analytics.  End-users of online games often complain that a particular game may work on one device but not another, or with their browser at work but not at home.  Such frustrations can lead to their losing interest in a game altogether. An SaaS cloud application performance management and monitoring tool provides real-time statistics to help developers solve these problems. Using these tools, they can understand how browsers and other variables affect game performance and stability. They can also discover script errors, develop benchmarks, and easily review performance metrics.  Proper use of APM can help developers assure that end-users experience their company’s games exactly how they are intended to be experienced.

Real Time User Monitoring. Online game end-users are diverse and unpredictable, especially in behavior.  Developers need to understand how they interact with a game to improve its performance and ensure its stability. New Relic’s APM monitoring tool offers an Apdex performance index that provides real time monitoring, which gives valuable  insight into end-users’ perspectives and how their behavior affects browser response times. It diagnoses performance bottlenecks and provides detailed reviews of each query and transaction to control and manage the entire user experience for optimum application operation.

Game developers who use application performance management tools to understand how their software interacts with end-users and their browsers will ultimately be able to provide a dramatically enhanced customer experience, which in return will lead to high levels of customer satisfaction, retention, and referral.

Invest in Marketing and Innovation. The tremendous amount of capital saved by implementing a SaaS-powered cloud-based application performance management and monitoring tool allows companies to redirect these funds both to R&D—for continuous innovation and improvement—and to marketing and customer acquisition campaigns.

From gaming startups to well-established Fortune 500 companies, a cloud enabled application performance management tool can make the difference in successfully optimizing online gaming applications for sublime performance, increased end-user satisfaction, and significant savings.

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New Relic, Inc. is the all-in-one web application performance management provider for the cloud and the datacenter. Its SaaS solution, which combines real user monitoring, application monitoring, and availability monitoring in a single solution built from the ground up, changes the way developers and operations teams manage web application performance in real-time. More than 12,000 organizations use New Relic to optimize over 6 billion transactions in production each day. New Relic also partners with leading cloud management, platform and hosting vendors to provide their customers with instant visibility into the performance of deployed applications. New Relic is a private company headquartered in San Francisco, Ca. New Relic is a registered trademark of New Relic, Inc. To learn more, visit


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