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BizCloud® Network | November 30, 2015

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Deploy Cloud Hosted Server with Free Ubuntu

Cloud Hosted Servers are seen as one of the biggest IT turn-around in recent past where diversified businesses are moving their in-house application hosting infrastructure onto the cloud in order to gain the tremendously reduced capital and operational investments, dynamic scalability of cloud hosted resources and the flexibility in provisioning and managing these resources. Cloud Hosted server provides the same operational efficiency as a conventional in-house server but equipped with much further efficiency powered by managed service platform.

Ubuntu, a leading open source user friendly operating system from the Linux OS family and closely related to Debian, has designed its latest version around the cloud operating environment. Cloud Computing from Ubuntu provisions businesses to control their cloud hosted infrastructure with ease and deploy their solutions on virtually any back-end computing infrastructure.

Cloud Servers on Ubuntu are supported by open standards and API support which enables the deployment and re-deployment of business applications, regardless of cloud or an in-house platform. Ubuntu Server provides easy integration and interoperability within other platforms including support for Microsoft Directory using Like-Wise open, with easy authentication and sharing resources.

Ubuntu harnesses core virtualization capabilities within it, and makes it easy to create, deploy and host client and server machine images. Virtual Machine Builder is a component of Ubuntu, which allows instant deployment of pre-configured cloud server images. Ubuntu also simplifies management of cloud servers by supporting automated deployment for many standards and frameworks from LAMP to Java, containing diversified portfolio of applications, hosted effortlessly on Ubuntu Cloud Server.

Ubuntu Server has built-in powerful, yet easy security features that ensure that your cloud hosted applications are secured. Ubuntu’s Firewall works on the “Stop All” security mechanism in which all the ports are blocked by default; only user authorized ports are open, thus keeping all backdoors closed. It also includes an encrypted directory for storing user profiles and login credentials. Besides the cloud centric, flexible, manageable and secure platform for hosting cloud server, Ubuntu comes with no price tag attached to it, making the ever economical cloud hosted servers more affordable.


  1. Well, good to know that ubuntu operating system supports cloud hosted server.

  2. Ya, i am totally agree with you that cloud hosted server are turned to be the biggest IT turn-around from recent past years.

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