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BizCloud® Network | November 28, 2015

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Inktank Announces Ceph Argonaut Release

 Inktank, the only company to provide enterprise-level support for the Ceph open source distributed storage system, has announced the release of Argonaut—the first release of Ceph to offer long-term support. Argonaut will receive ongoing bug fixes and stability improvements while the Ceph project continues its work on new features for subsequent releases.

Ceph is a self-managing, highly scalable, open source distributed storage system that uniquely delivers object storage, block storage, and POSIX-compatible file storage in a single, unified platform that runs on commodity hardware.  The Ceph project continues to grow and evolve, backed by a worldwide community of developers and the team at Inktank.

As the adoption of Ceph increases – and it becomes integrated with a growing number of cloud platforms and distributions – the technology requires a steady, slower-paced alternative to the project’s vigorous innovation cycle.  By focusing on stability instead of cutting-edge innovation and technological growth, the Argonaut release provides a stable platform for integration and deployment of the Ceph storage system.

Founded by the developers behind Ceph, Inktank is the world’s only company to provide enterprise-grade consulting and support services around Ceph.  By leveraging the Inktank team’s expertise, enterprises can quickly modernize their storage capabilities and lower IT infrastructure costs with Ceph’s free, robust, easy-to-administer, and easy-to-scale system.


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