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More Consumers Turning to Their Mobile Devices for This Year’s Holiday Shopping

More Consumers Turning to Their Mobile Devices for This Year’s Holiday Shopping

With the holiday shopping season just around the corner, mobile commerce analysts are getting busy projecting just how big this year’s holiday mobile purchasing will be. And by the looks of it, it is going to be huge. Mobile users are increasingly realizing that their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices can serve as their best holiday shopping companions, giving them options to perform, for example, presents research or price comparisons at their best convenience.

The widespread adoption of mobile technology is happening at a staggering pace which is best reflected in the results of the recent CTIA survey which found that there are 327.6 million connected mobile devices in the US outnumbering the people living in the country. Mobile users are becoming more informed about the perks of mobile shopping and how they can benefit from it in terms of ease, comfort, and most importantly-savings.

The current state of economy and the fact that the National Retail federation forecasted a week, 2.8% increase in 2011 holiday sales compared to the previous year, indicates that consumers will slim down their shopping budgets and look for different ways to save. This is where smartphones and other mobile gadgets come in handy, giving their owners an opportunity to redeem electronic coupons and stay on top of special holiday deals offered by retailers.

A recent national survey by MMA and Sybase 365, found that 62% of respondents would shop on their mobile device this holiday season if they were offered coupons, discount offers, gift cards or loyalty points. 56% of the survey participants answered that, without these special offerings, they would use their mobile devices for purposes including finding store location, comparing prices, researching deals, as well as shopping. The survey also found that consumers have most trust in mobile payment solutions offered by financial institutions, followed by a solution such as PayPal. 53% of respondents say that they are aware of existing mobile campaigns from Target, Starbucks, Best Buy,, Apple or Groupon.

Prosper Mobile Insights, a firm specialized in providing key data on consumer mobile usage, issued a report on Friday focused on this season’s holiday shopping behavior on smartphones and tablets. According to the study, respondents plan to make 37.9% of their holiday purchases from their device. Among other interesting findings from this report is that Mobile Holiday Shoppers will likely be on the lookout for Black Friday weekend deals that they can benefit from on their mobile devices.


Proper Mobile Insights’ special holiday report also revealed the top apps that mobile shoppers plan to use for this year’s holiday purchases. Amazon surfaced as the number one most popular holiday shopping app with 18.2% of respondents saying they plan to use it to buy products for the holidays. Other top apps for buying products include eBay, Google, and a barcode scanner.

IBM says that during 2011 holiday shopping season an unparalleled 15% of people in the United States logging onto retailer’s site are expected to do so through a mobile device. The study is based on data from the IBM Coremetrics Benchmark, gathered directly from the Websites of more than 500 leading U.S. retailers. The research forecasts that during the 2011 holiday shopping season, record numbers of consumers will move their purchasing from the PC to their mobile device. This season, the bounce rate of 44.2% percent on mobile devices will top online shopping rates of 37.3%, the report found.

Looking at the results of all these studies conducted specifically to provide a deeper insight into the mobile users’ shopping behaviors for the upcoming holiday season, it is not surprising to see more and more retailers and chains across the States optimizing their websites for mobile, starting early with mobile advertisements, and offering mobile coupons and coupon codes as well as mobile shopping apps to win over more customers and capitalize on this rising trend.


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