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BizCloud® Network | November 25, 2015

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OnApp Launches CDN Platform for Hosting Providers at the HostingCon Conference

OnApp has announced the launch of OnApp CDN, a fully-featured Content Delivery Network for hosting providers. OnApp CDN provides instant global CDN capabilities for hosts, enabling them to build their own CDN without having to build their own global CDN infrastructure. This enables any hosting provider to enter the $2.6bn* CDN market, and paves the way for hosts to offer a new generation of low cost, high performance CDN services that even small businesses can afford.

A Content Delivery Network accelerates website performance by ensuring that visitors always get web content sent to them from a local server. Until now, building a CDN has required significant investment in datacenters around the world to provide that local capability. OnApp CDN enables hosts to use spare cloud capacity from other hosts to provide local CDN ‘points of presence’, with a marketplace that makes it easy to buy and sell CDN capacity on demand. This enables hosts to build a global CDN, monetize spare capacity, and launch low cost CDN services with features previously available only to very large enterprises.

At launch, OnApp CDN offers 40 CDN Points of Presence (PoPs) across America, Europe and Asia, placing it firmly in the top five global Content Delivery Networks worldwide. The OnApp CDN platform supports HTTP push, HTTP pull, and streaming/live streaming of online content.

OnApp CDN has three principal components:

  • OnApp CDN Stack: fully-featured CDN edge server software that is deployed by hosting providers, and managed through a user-friendly web interface. OnApp CDN replicates content from an originating website to local edge servers, in order to serve that content to local users.
  • OnApp CDNaaS (CDN as a Service): a global Anycast DNS service for CDN that is hosted by OnApp at 14 global locations. CDNaaS determines which local edge servers are best suited to deliver content to end users, based on the status of those servers, the user’s location and other information.
  • OnApp CDN Federation: a network of hosting providers offering CDN capacity, and a marketplace through which hosts can buy and sell capacity on demand. Hosts set their own prices for CDN resources, and the marketplace displays key information about the CDN resources (Points of Presence) available, such as bandwidth, location and server specifications.

Hosts can join the CDN Federation even if they do not contribute Points of Presence to the network. This makes it possible for a host to offer CDN services to its customers without owning any CDN infrastructure. OnApp acts as an intermediary between Federation members, handling charges and payments for CDN resources bought and sold through the marketplace.

OnApp CDN launches at the HostingCon exhibition in San Diego on August 8th 2011. OnApp is at Booth #313.



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