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BizCloud® Network | November 29, 2015

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Partners? Exposé on Starbucks' Purchasing Practices in Ethiopia

The Starbucks Workers Union and Justice from Bean to Cup!’s exposé on Starbucks’ purchasing practices in Ethiopia. This video uncovers the reality behind Starbucks’ relationship with the Fero cooperative. The Fero cooperative in Sidamo, Ethiopia grew and processed “Shirkina Sun-Dried Sidamo,” a black apron exclusive coffee that retailed for $26.00 per pound, for Starbucks. Yet Starbucks paid only $1.32 per pound to the Cooperative, of which at most only $.57 went to the coffee farmers themselves. The farmers of the Fero Cooperative are struggling to rise out of poverty – they deserve a fair price from Starbucks.

Why does Starbucks claim to be a leader in corporate social responsibility when they pay coffee prices that keep their coffee farmers in poverty?

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  1. The best information i have found exactly here. Keep going Thank you

  2. TGS

    why does the CoOp take .75 when the Grower only gets .57… Not saying Starbucks is fair, but it seems that someone is being even more unfair to the growers.

  3. Monica

    I just finished explaining this to friends – buy your coffee from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. The specialize in Fair Trade beans and have similar videos showing how they treat coffee workers in foreign regions with dignity and humanity and pay a fair price for the product. Perfectly roasted beans and K-cups.

  4. Fahim

    But I love my mocha, guess I'll have to find it somewhere else

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