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BizCloud® Network | November 30, 2015

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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Citrix Xen Virtualization

From BizCloud cloud computing watch: As virtualization technology has become main focus of ICT industry, more and more companies are developing virtualization products but Citrix Xen virtualization offers bundles of advantages on others by enabling the integration & management of both the physical and the virtual server. Citrix Xen being built upon the powerful Xen Hypervisor delivers fast, secure and reliable virtualization solution. The top 10 reason why an organization should consider Citrix Xen as their Virtualization management platform are:

1. Citrix Xen Virtualization offers standard features at lowest cost by using per-server cost model rather than a per-processor model. XenServer is licensed per host server and support is offered on a per-instance basis which is cheapest as compared to its counterparts by saving almost 55% cost. It also provides free features like Multi server management (unlike VM ware which costs $6000-$8000 more), Stage management, Lab management and Disaster Recovery enablement.

2. Citrix Xen Virtualization offers the best virtualization technique with combination of Paravirtualization and hardware-assisted virtualization which is a unique feature available in the market as it allows a guest operating system to be fully aware that it is being run on virtualized hardware. This collaboration between operating system and virtualization platform makes the deployment simpler, cost effective and best class performance.

3. Citrix Xen virtualization  has best built-in reliability an security features such as

i)                    Guest isolation: Every domain guest is isolated from other domain guest and has no way to access each others memory or networking connections.

ii)                   Privileged access: Only the Domain or single purpose control guests are given the ability to communicate with the hardware via the hypervisor.

iii)                 Limitations of attacks: Xen hypervisor contain a tiny code footprint which limits the attacks and also separates Xen hypervisor from OS; thus XEN hypervisor and OS can not infiltrate each other.

4. The Citrix Xen Virtual machine migration offers complete advantages over it counterparts as administrators can live migrate Xen virtual machines between physical host and LAN with out loss of availability because LAN copies the memory of Virtual machine to destination without stopping its execution while similar process on other vendor technologies suspends the running virtual machine to the disk and switch to other virtual machine and then resume the first one at later stage.

5. Citrix Xen virtualization offers best performance in terms of lowering processing time, memory usage and networking efficiency as paravirtualization allows guest OS to cooperate with hypervisor to improve I/O ,CPU and memory virtualization.

6. Maximum numbers of CPUs per Virtual Machine in Citrix Xen virtualization is 8 processors (as compared to VM ware which support 4 processors) and Maximum Memory per Virtual Machine in Citrix Xen virtualization is 32 GB (while VM ware supports 16GB) .

7. The Citrix Xen is an effective high performing virtualization solution that meets the needs of businesses that require a high performing web server for their changing business requirements.

8. Citrix Xen virtualization offers best workload balancing by using two optimization techniques which include optimize for performance and optimize for destiny. With Optimize for performance it is ensured that minimum performance threshold will be maintained whereas optimizing for density places VMs on the minimum number of hosts to reduce power consumption.

9. The Citrix Xen virtualization provides efficient data recovery for its virtual machines as storage link is included with its platform that allows customers to create warm stand by sites for their VM’s and provide single user experience across heterogeneous storage solutions supported by StorageLink.

10. Citrix Xen Server offers fast, easy and portable test and demonstration environment as many organizations have trouble to create and demonstrate training environment. Using Citrix XenServer, IT can have access to copies of real-time production environments to test the quality and impact of applications, hot fixes and configuration changes prior to rolling them out into production. In addition, organizations can create complete and portable training and demonstration environments for socializing new services and applications throughout the organization.


  1. Jacque

    can citrix virtualization support different vendor or architecture's server?
    we all know that, generally ,there are many kinds of servers in our data center, and how to pooling and schedul these servers efficently is the first point to be implemented, besides, the VM security,reliability,availability and expansion is also important.
    but ,what's the KPI of virtualization? is the standard the same in operator and enterprise data center?

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