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BizCloud® Network | November 30, 2015

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Why do ratings & testimonials matter when you want to buy an established business?

Why do ratings & testimonials matter when you want to buy an established business?

In the past few months we have consulted with many new business owners, doctors, dentists, mechanics, restaurant owners, etc. One common theme we find among all new business owners is that, after couple of months, they check the rating for their business online and are disheartened to find out that the practice they just bought has a horrible rating on various review sites. In some cases bad business reviews are posted by direct competitors in the market. In other cases new owners did not bother to check the business reviews online when they made the business purchase, and only find disgruntled customer reviews and testimonials after the fact.

In one particular case, one competitor who was not web savvy enough used his real name and gave fake reviews of all other surrounding business owners. He discredited all the surrounding business listings and competitors with fake and bogus reviews on third party sites.

As you can imagine, if you run a reputable doctors practice and are just trying to get established, these ratings can have a negative impact on your business and foot traffic. It can simply kill your chance to compete even before the customer picks up the phone to make an appointment. The problem with online reviews and ratings is that, in some cases, business owners hire shady SEO companies that write fake positive reviews for them and crappy reviews for everyone else in the surrounding community.

If the culprit left his trail, and if you can afford it, this type of unscrupulous business practice can be fought in the court of law as libel if you can identify the business that is bad-mouthing yours. For most business owners, and especially those new in business, paying an attorney to pursue these libel cases is not affordable or practical. The court system takes too long, the cost is too high and the impact is not immediate for your bottom line.

Bizcloud helps you in protecting your business ratings and reviews by aggregating business ratings from other sites for free, and can also help you generate real reviews for a nominal fee.

Bizcloud has created a way to generate real reviews and ratings that help your chances to compete. Through our unique methodology we simply capture real reviews from your customers and post them on various sites. Let it be clear that we never write a fake review for any business. This is against our business ethics and principles. We have a particular methodology that we have developed in-house that can have an immediate impact on your bottom line. The process of providing these reviews and building online presence requires both investment in time and capital from the business owner. If you are concerned about how your web presence can impact your bottom line and have a budget of at least $1,000 dollars per month, contact Bizcloud and we will be glad to help you capture real customer feedback.

Bizcloud helps articulate the true value of your products and service offering within the context of the larger online community. This is typically combined with Bizcloud SEO offering. To inquire more about this service, please provide your contact information and general link and description of your business to our sales staff at and one of our client specialists will be in touch with you shortly.

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